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About our Clinic

Our facility can provide you with the highest quality of holistic care. We offer to our patients the most comprehensive care, combining the most current rehabilitative techniques, providing a variety of services including pain management, chiropractic care, rehabilitative exercise, and massage. Our office is equipped with the most modern physio therapy equipment and technology, traction, physio-balls, balance boards, and we have an on-site X-ray and MRI center in our Bellevue location readily available. 

Our techniques include Impulse Activator, diversified chiropractic, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and therapeutic exercise which are all highly effective forms of treatment. Using the philosophy of holistic and alternative medicine, we have found that treating a patient as a whole person, and treating the cause of disease instead of their symptoms, helps to not only decrease pain, but improve the patient’s overall health.


For many years, chiropractors have used this philosophy as a way of maintaining health and preventing dis-ease. The trend for complementary and alternative medicine has helped us combine both traditional and modern chiropractic techniques with physiotherapy, and massage therapy to provide the most effective treatment for many different conditions. We have treated many conditions ranging from whiplash to scoliosis to herniated discs. We have had stunning success with these conditions as well as many others. Patient’s seeking treatment at our clinics are assured of receiving the finest quality of chiropractic care, because of our genuine concern for your well-being. Call today to find out how our unique holistic approach to patient care can begin to help you to "START LIVING HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER TODAY!" 

Jill Zhou, Managing director

Jill Zhou, Managing director for Back 2 Health is responsible for leading the company’s interim leadership, physician placement, and recruitment process and operation management.

Ms. Zhou takes an active role helping others achieve their personal and professional goals and is a voice for the value of diverse representation.

Ms. Zhou’s experience includes a rich background in healthcare transformation. With over 9 years of healthcare related consulting and service experience, she brings expertise in strategy, operations, performance improvement, business development and change management.

Ms. Zhou received a B.S. in Hospitality Management from Washington State University and Studied MBA with a focus on International Business in Seattle University.

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