Scoliosis is a condition of the spine in which the spine contains lateral curves.

Scoliosis can significantly affect the quality of life by limiting activity, causing pain, reducing lung function, or affecting heart function. Diminished self-esteem and other psychological problems are also seen. Because scoliosis occurs most commonly during adolescence, teens with extreme spinal deviations from the norm are often teased by their peers.

Frequent signs of scoliosis include:

• Uneven muscle tone or development on one side of the spine
• A rib prominence and/or a prominent shoulder blade caused by rotation of the ribcage
• Uneven hips/leg lengths
• Slow nerve action

What are the treatment for Scoliosis?

There are generally three treatment options for scoliosis—careful observation, bracing, and surgery. Careful observation is the most common “treatment,” as most mild scoliosis do not progress and cause few, if any, physical problems.

Scoliosis is always treated most successfully when it is discovered early in its development. With scoliosis treatment the very first goal of care is to prevent the curves from worsening. Severe forms of scoliosis can require bracing and in some cases surgery. Most cases of scoliosis can be managed or treated with a combination of chiropractic treatment and a combination of specific stretches and exercises.

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