Physiotherapy exercises are important part in the recovery of patients with musculoskeletal conditions or disorders. There are various physiotherapy exercises that Dr. Hsu will include in your rehabilitation program, often, in combination with other treatment options.

Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises

Range of motion exercises are often prescribed to increase or maintain flexibility of your joints and to reduce stiffness. There several types of range of motion exercises often prescribed including the following

• Passive Range of Motion (PROM) Exercises
• Active Assistive Range of Motion(AAROM) Exercises
• Active Range of Motion (AROM) Exercices

Strengthening Exercises

Certain conditions can make your muscles to become weak. Strengthening exercises is an important part of physiotherapy rehabilitation to prepare you for your return to your original performance level or highest possible function.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Soft tissue mobilization or therapeutic massage may be a part of your physiotherapy treatment to relax your tight muscles, relieve pain and reduce swelling.

The following are other physiotherapy treatments. More information will be provided in future topics.
• Joint Mobilization
• Gait (Walking) Training / Assistive Device Training
• Postural Training
• Ergonomic training
• Balance Exercises
• Traction
• Taping
• Bandaging
• Fitting of Orthosis
• General conditioning exercises

General conditioning exercises involve a combination of exercises including range of motion, strengthening, and walking exercises to help maintain or improve your
• Cardiopulmonary fitness;
• Muscle and joint flexibility; and
• Muscle strength.

Balance exercises

Balance exercises may be a part of your rehabilitation program if you have problems with your balance. Strengthening your major muscles are important parts of a balance rehab program.

Depending on your specific needs and level of fitness, your physiotherapist may start from where you are most stable. For example, if you can sit without support, your therapist may suggest that you do balance exercises using parallel bars. Once you are able to do the exercises easily, you may start doing them without parallel bars.

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